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After making 48 payments on time, I turned a lease car in to Hyundai. I offered to pay the termination fee at the time of turn in. I was told they would mail a statement to my new address. Three months later I received a call from a clown at SRA. I asked for a statement from Hyundai so I could pay. He insisted I pay him via phone. I refused to pay a strange company over the phone until I got verification from Hyundai that they were authorized. I... Read more

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These people call constantly and have yet to answer the phone. Which is a good thing after finding out what they do. I do not owe any debts and I don't feel like getting into a fight with them over the phone. Most times when you tell them don't call again they call even more! For now I block the number and pray they don't start spamming me with other numbers. (856) 497-0292

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These people who will not tell what they are calling about and advising me that they are on a recorded line when I advise them that I will also record the call, they hang up. They have gone as far as to call my ex wife Josephine Mora with whom I am divorced since 1993 (23 years) to tell her that they must call me URGENTLY and need my work number,which of course she did not have. THEY VIOLATE THE LAW and THE PEOPLE THAT USE THEM I GUESS DO NOT... Read more

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They are trying to collect $458.00 from me for a PNC Bank dept. I've never had an account at PNC. Also I've filed bankruptcy recently. Can wait to see them in court. I'm going to get a lot of money!

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This woman Denise calls me and asks me for my address and social and wouldn't tell me what it was in reference to. I told them to stop calling me and they won't. This against the Fair Debt Act and they are required to tell you why they are calling and if you ask them not to call you, as a matter of law, they are supposed to abide by the law. However, the company and its' employees don't seem to know the law or respect the law. This company is... Read more

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My mother passed away recently and this man is calling about a small debt she owes of a couple hundred dollars. He won't tell me what its for, however from what I remember she had told me she didn't owe anything for this debt. She had always paid her debts. Is this a company a scam? What does this company do or sell? The man yelled at me on the phone when I asked. Its enough that I have to deal with my mother dying. Why does this company have to... Read more

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I received a call from them for a debt I do owe and plan on paying when finances are better next month. The representative was super rude. Demanding that I go borrow money from anyone I can ask to pay her. Ive worked in customer service. This isnt how you treat people.

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I recently just started getting a call from them and I asked them also who are you and what's this about! And who do I suppose to owe this money to! Know answer I need to know what's going on is this some kind of scam

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Started receiving calls from SRA about 2 months ago saying I owe a dept to a certain bank. I have never had a loan at this bank and have never received any notice from said bank. SRA won't give me any information when this so-called loan took place but they want my SS# and my birth date. I told them to give me the last four digits of the SS# they were looking for and the birth date they had. Of course that did not happen. These people are rude... Read more

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What is with the company? I keep receiving calls and do not owe on any dept. How to stop this would be greatly appreciated. I will not give my ss number and they have asked for the last 4 digits. Will not happen and they also ask for my birth date. Again this will not happen. I receive calls, yet, when I let phone go to answering machine, SRA never leaves a message explaining just why they are calling. They should have the common decency to... Read more

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