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This woman Denise calls me and asks me for my address and social and wouldn't tell me what it was in reference to. I told them to stop calling me and they won't.

This against the Fair Debt Act and they are required to tell you why they are calling and if you ask them not to call you, as a matter of law, they are supposed to abide by the law. However, the company and its' employees don't seem to know the law or respect the law. This company is in Hi-Nella (Somerdale), New Jersey and goes by many different DBA's (Doing Business As).

If you are getting these calls, do not supply them with any personal information. Tell them that you must have my address, send me something in writing. Also, tell them to stop call you. Keep track of how many times they call or called you and notify an attorney. There are many attorneys out there that will take you case on a contingency basis.

It will not cost you anything. They will only take cases they can win because, they collect their fee from the debt collection company for violating the Fair Debt Act. This could result in some dollars for you as well, if the harassment is that bad or they lie to you or threaten you in anyway.

If you have questions or comments please don't hesitate to contact me. I am not an attorney but have been through this, just like you.

Reason of review: Harassment, Lying and Threating .

I didn't like: Harrassment, Threats, Violation of the fair debt act, Violation of the do not call act.

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #1238218

If someone calls and asks for personal information, don't give it to them. If you legitimately owed a debt and they were the authorized debt collection agency for that debt, they would already have your personal details.

These people calling and asking for information are up to no good. Tell them they have the wrong number and hang up.


Got a call today, told me a person had filed a complaint against me for 'something I did yesterday' and needed my birthdate to tell me more, after I kept asking questions about SRA, they wanted my address as well. When I didn't give them information they said it was a business I did work with from a week ago had sent them to contact me. Eventually they said they mailed me an unlabeled letter, and I was to respond to that, because lawyers and bill collectors love sending letter that no one would open.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1228038

We just got a call from them


They keep calling me asking me for info, I tell them no i will not do it over the phone because that how identities get stolen. But yet they continue to call.........I haven't asked them to mail anything yet. Next time they call I will.


If you would pay your bills maybe you would have debt collectors calling you. Just a thought

to Anonymous #1105958

Thank you for your wise *** comment. If I had any outstanding bills to pay, then I would understand why they would be calling me.

Numb Nuts.

I can see that you were afraid to list your name or contact information. Is that because you like to hide behind a veil due to fear of retribution or is because you just have nothing better to do with your time.

But, thank you for your comments.

to Anonymous #1135219

Ignore that person... there are a lot of trolls at this website and it appears that one decided to comment on your letter, for whatever reason.

to Anonymous #1170812

That person probably works for SRA Associates, lol.

to Anonymous Doylestown, Pennsylvania, United States #1173991

Nice answer ID10T. They kept calling me just because I had the same last name as someone else so keep your ID10T remarks to yourself as that is the only person who shares them. Please let me run into you in person some day so that I can personally thank you for your ID10T comment.

to Anonymous Woonsocket, Rhode Island, United States #1211510

Funny because I pay all my bills and don't owe anyone anything. They are calling me requesting my social, THIS IS A SCAM.

to Anonymous Lorain, Ohio, United States #1225764

Clearly, you have not watched the 60 Minutes report or John Olliver describing credit collection agencies that pursue clients who do not have debt obligations

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