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SRA Associates just recently called me and informed my wife that my SCRA porotection ended in 2/2010. However under Title 10 orders as an Activated Reservist until I get off Title 10 orders I am still protected under the SCRA.

The issue started back in 2008 when Chrysler repossed my vehicle illegally according to the 50 U.S.C statutes which stated they must have a court order. This all stemmed from me being injured in the line of duty and having my pay messed up for about a year. Chrysler was notified on all the issues that had occured yet they accelerated the notes and did a repo without the court order. The military acknowledged their mess up and accepted responsibility in writing sent to Chrysler.

Other than being an injured soldier which had issues beyond his control my J.A.G office did send correspondence to Chrysler about the 50 USC 527 statutes and Chrysler never responded. Now I get a call from SRA Associates claiming to be a law firm and threatening court action unless we come up with this exorbent sum of money.

The issues with this whole case are.

1) Claiming to be a law firm calling from a number that cannot be called back on.

2) Violation of the SCRA Soldier Civil Relief Act 50 USC 527 Federal Law codes.

3) Stating my protection under the SCRA has ended when they do not know the facts. Any Reservist under Title 10 order whether Conus or OConus is techinically deployed.

4) Stating that my J.A.G officer would collaberate that my protection has ended when I just talked to them last week about the case and they stated its still enforced.

5) Claiming that the originel lender does not have to respond to correspondence from the lendee when it referrs to their account on both a Federal and Civil level. The original lender being Chrysler financial.

6) Being made aware that I have retained an attorney in pursuit of legal action against Chrysler for violation of Federal law. With knowledge that they could be brought into the law suit for harrasment.

7) Refusing to further acknowledge the law and enforce the SCRA code in conjunction with the interest reduction to 6% pursuant to the Federal code. Instead kept it at the 18% once they "defaulted" my loan without the court order knowing several issues occured beyond my control and the military acknowledged they had made the mess up in writing.

Monetary Loss: $11.

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I know your an *** because we never claim to be a law firm...

to employee at sra ***ociates #1033449

And I suppose you listen in on all your fellow employees' phone calls? Otherwise, how would you know what they claim?? You just underlined everything people are saying about your company's employees being rude and inconsiderate.

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