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Got sra associates calling my friends and my job. If they want theyre money they better hit me a good settlement offer if not I wont deal with those dam rude as mofos.

I dont pick up theyre phone calls, but hear the frustration in the voicemails they leave ha ha. If they want they're money they can wait in line like my other creditors. Had a car loan with wells fargo and they repoed my car.

I let it go and they turned it over to sra associates. My friend said they were rude as *** when they were looking for me though.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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Maybe you need to file bankruptcy....Chapter 7 is liquidation but the judge will not let you keep the car. Chapter 13 is re-org, but you still will have to make monthly payments, and if you do not, you will no longer be under bankruptcy protection...just give the car back....

Richardson, Texas, United States #801922

They are suppose to be rude when they have to look for their property.I bet if these people turn your--- in for vehicle thief then you will be looking like the low life that you are.Give the people their vehicle if you cannot pay for it and Stop bring your friends and Family into this mess you have made.If you where in Texas believe me they would have been and Got your sorry --- along time ago.F------ LOSER.

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